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Electric Razor Reviews: Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Arc 3 Wet/Dry Shaver


We at Electric Razor Reviews think this shaver is one of the best on the market. Panasonic’s ES8109S Vortex Arc 3 Wet/Dry Shaver with Nanotech Blades and HydraClean has a head that pivots, and an amazing 13,000 revolutions/minute linear motor. The pivoting head ensures a comfortable shave. Thickness of the beard is irrelevant, the ES8109S allows for a smooth shave with less irritation due to less pulling. The triple head design pivots to follow the different contours on one’s face. The Hydraclean System cleans debris and stubble from the shaver and also helps refresh the blades.

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Rated the 2nd best in Men’s Electric Shavers in October of 2010
In an Editorial review by a Bestcovery expert the ES8109S was recommended for those men wanting a wet/dry shaver.

Out of 415 reviews- 262 of the reviewers gave the ES8109S shaver 5 stars

With ES8109S you have the choice to shave with lather and in the shower. The shaver’s wet/dry design allows you the ability to easily keep your shaver clean. The cleaning mode speeds up the motor’s RPMs to 17,000 for fast and effortless cleaning with water. Even so, the shaver still affords you the convenience of a dry shave touch up when you’re running late.

Panasonic’s ES8109S has an innovative feature that will automatically keep your shaver hygienic at all times. This HydraClean feature continuously cleans your shaver. The ‘intelligent base’ not only charges your shaver, but also cleans and dries it! This cleaning system has an alcohol-free cleaning method using a water/detergent infusion process. Then, there is an element that heats up and rids the shaver of all moisture.

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Rechargeable battery, one charge lasts approximately 14 shaves. It takes approximately one hour to fully charge the shaver. There is a battery monitor that tells you your batteries’ status all the time. There is also a quick five-minute charging option giving you enough power for one shave.

C. Perry gave the ES8109S 5 out of the 5 stars available. He rated this shaver in November of 2007.

He states that this shaver is his third Panasonic, and he considers the Panasonic ES8109S the best of all three. He has tried other brands of shavers in the past, but feels that Panasonic shavers offer the most comfortable shave. He has sensitive skin, and tends to get irritation after shaving, he recommends this shaver to anyone with the same issue. He likes the fact that he can shave in the shower using shaving gel. He stated that after shaving for the first time with the Panasonic ES9109S shaver, he felt that it was a close shave. He didn’t have the typical sensitivity to his face that usually follows a shave. He also likes the trimmer that pops up on the side.

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Almost a year later he updated his review stating that his Panasonic ES8109S was still ‘going strong.’ Six months later, he again updated his review. He stated that his E8109S had ‘died’ on him. He still felt that this shaver was exceptional and less expensive than the other brands. He was disappointed that it only lasted a year and a half, but was planning on purchasing the latest Panasonic shaver available.


46 out of 415 reviewers gave the Panasonic ES8109S less than 3 stars

T. Chen “money” gave the Panasonic ES8109S 2 out of 5 stars. He rated this shaver in March of 2008.

He states that he bought this shaver after reading quite a few reviews and being given a Panasonic discount program. He was initially excited about the shaver’s advanced technology. He states that when he received it, he was somewhat disappointed. He wanted a fast, thorough and comfortable shaver.

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He felt this shaver did not complete the shave. He said that the only thing he liked about the shaver was that it was comfortable. He is not extremely hairy, but does have hair that grows quickly in some areas on his face. He previously used a Phillips/Norelco shaver and liked that the shaving was done quickly as well as thoroughly. He didn’t find that shaver as comfortable as the Panasonic ES8109S though. He thought the technologies on the ES8109S were ‘cool,’ but had to shave over and over in the same place on his face 4-5 times to complete his shave.

The majority of reviewers really liked the Panasonic ES8109S shaver. C. Perry liked it enough to update his review twice. The features this shaver offers are very convenient and would be nice to have. After all, shaving is something that many men do every day.

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