Top 9 Best Trampoline Reviews & Buying Guides 2021

If you are concerned about the fitness of your kids just because they are not too keen on outdoor activities, trampolines are a great solution to keep them fit even when indoors. Just before you start thinking that it is something used only by adults, you should make yourself familiar with the fact that these days you can easily find best trampolines for kids as well. You may also find some good trampoline deals in this blog.

There is also another question you may ask which is ‘How is this jumping around going to help my kids?’ Well, what looks like jumping around is one of the best ways to maintain the overall body fitness of your kid. This is because jumping on a trampoline impacts different parts of the body and therefore it ensures all-round growth. This is the place for you to get all the information you need about trampolines such as trampoline buying guide, trampoline sale, trampoline reviews, trampoline safety guides.

Top 9 best trampolines and reviews

#1. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline, for about 3 years old kid 

Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline, for about 3 years old kidIt is a pleasure to see your little one grow up so fast, bounce and run around the house. Now here’s a gift that your kid will thoroughly enjoy. It is none other than the Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline. It is a perfect way for your toddler to burn energy indoors and has a large jumping surface and handle bar that goes all across for safely. Further more, little tikes 3′ trampoline is super sturdy and is made from highest quality Metal and Plastic combo.


  • The product is super easy to assemble with just the legs and the handle bar to be attached.
  • Weight that it can take is 55- 60 pounds which is good enough.
  • The safety bar goes all across the jumping area which is great.
  • The elastic webbing that ties the trampoline to the metal base is the best feature of Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline; it is much better and safer than bungee cords or springs.


  • The sponge on the safety bar comes off very easily and can be a choking hazard. More durable padding would have been a great addition.
  • The grip padding on the feet of the trampoline come loose sometimes.

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#2. The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline, for kids

The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline, for kids

As a child we all have experienced amazing fun on a trampoline, haven’t we? Now gift the amazing The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline to your children and let them make some fond memories and burn all that excessive energy. The Fold and Go trampoline is very easy to assemble, fold and it is handy to travel with.


  • It goes from box to use in just five minutes and all you have to do is attach the legs and the safety handle.
  • Extension bars can be bought separately for older kids.
  • The jumping surface comes pre-attached to the metal frame with sixteen heavy-duty straps and is much safer than the bungee cords which tend to break after regular use.
  • It has six legs instead of four providing it with more stability. Also the blue cover for the belt-frame attachment is great to keep children from getting their leg tangled in the belts and fall.
  • Amongst peers it is one with much higher weight limit of 150 pounds so even your elder kids can enjoy it.


  • The only con that we observed was the strong plastic/chemical smell of the trampoline which takes days to fade away.

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#3. Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline, for toddlers

Bazoongi Bouncer Trampoline, for toddlers

Trampolines are a great way to keep your little ones busy when it is too cold to go out to play and they need to shed all the excess energy, so this Christmas gift your children the Bazoongi Bouncer trampoline and see them bounce away and enjoy themselves thoroughly. Bazoongi bouncer is a large trampoline with all the safety precautions to avoid any mishaps and not overly pricey!


  • It is a large trampoline about 4 feet in diameter which is great and it looks really adorable.
  • The whole frame is very sturdy and although it has springs holding the jumping surface and the metal frame together it is completely covered with pad covers and it is hooked in place underneath so it does not slide around.
  • Although it says for children up to the weight of 100 pounds I am sure it can take more weight.
  • It is very safe and durable and will certainly last for a long duration.


  • The assembly instructions are not very clear. It certainly takes two or more people to assemble this because it is so large and the jumping surface has to be attached to the metal frame which is really tricky.

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#4. Skywalker Trampolines 60 Inch Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure, for kids

Skywalker Trampolines 60 Inch Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure, for kids

Skywalker Trampolines Seaside Adventure Bouncer with enclosure is great for your kids to develop motor skills while being entertained, without spring attachments and pinched fingers. The bright colours and zoo animal print is great amusement for little ones. The wide frame and arched enclosure poles keep the bouncer stable and the padded cover protects from metal parts and bungee cords. Skywalker is also one of most popular trampoline brands.


  • The enclosure is attached to the jumping surface eliminating any gaps for maximum safety.
  • Foam padded enclosure and 360 degree handle provides extra support for your little bouncer to develop motor skills.
  • It will not tip over with even if your toddler does aggressive jumping while learning different tricks.
  • Assembly is really fast and easy with all the parts having immaculate finishing. Skywalker is an ISO certified company so we were not worried about the quality at all.
  • The bounce surface is great quality and it gives a great bouncing experience.


  • The instruction manual need a lot of updating as it seems really vague but common sense makes up for it and can be set up without the manual in a matter of an hour.

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#5. Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo, for kids

Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo, for kids

Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo is a great gift for your child with never ending energy! It is durable, safe and offers superior bouncing. You can rest assured about the quality because Skywalker is an ISO certified company. The enclosure prevents falls and injuries with a view of the trampoline so that you never miss out on the priceless expressions on your little one’s face.


  • The enclosure is connected to the trampoline at each leg joint and the button hole feature is great which connects the net directly to the jump mat to eliminate all gaps.
  • The frame and springs are covered with a padded enclosure to keep the kids from getting any injury by stepping on the springs.
  • It has a weight capacity of 175 pound so even your elder kids can give it a go!
  • Instructions given with the trampoline are great and in detail making the assembly and disassembly very easy.
  • Also the height is not too much for the kids to climb in, no ladder required.


  • The only flaw is that the poles holding the net in place are not padded and the kids hit their heads while jumping.

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#6. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad, for family

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad, for family

This is a huge trampoline with plenty of room for kids to enjoy and bounce off all the excessive energy. Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round Trampoline and Enclosure with Spring Pad keeps the little ones active, entertained and safe. It has heavy gauged rust resistant galvanized steel and UV protected for weather resistant material making it ideal for outdoors. This trampoline also has good customer reviews and ratings on Amazon.


  • The trampoline and enclosure are secured with T-sockets attaching the netting directly to the jump mat which creates a uni-bodied frame leaving no gaps for feet to be tangled and prevents from structure twisting.
  • It has six w-shaped legs for maximum stability and has a 200 pound weight capacity.
  • You will be easily able to put it together yourself as it comes with full instruction manual.
  • It is great for your elder kids too, to get them away from all the technology and in the open with fresh air and sun light.
  • The enclosure comes pre-attached to the jumping surface which is just great because I feel it is the trickiest to put together.


  • The enclosure net is warranted for only a couple of months and it is at a risk of being torn with rigorous use.

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#7. Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net, for home use

Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net, for home use

Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net is for you and your kids. It lets your kids have hours and hours of fun with exercise. Ultega jumper trampoline improves cardiovascular health, enhances motor skills and improves balance in kids as well as adults. It enhances mobility, strengthens muscles and increases stamina without putting undue stress on your joints like in running or other physical activities and is more effective in burning body fat.


  • It is extremely safe; a thick pad covering sits on top of the springs which protects the trampoline springs as well the kids from stepping on the springs. The net is good quality and does what it is supposed to do.
  • The poles have light foam padding so the kids don’t get hurt while bouncing and hold up the net high and tout.
  • It comes with clear set of instructions and is easy to set up.
  • The customer service is very good and people at Ultega are polite and answer all the queries promptly.


  • It does not have UV protection so there is a possibility that climate might erode the padding.
  • It is extremely heavy to move around once assembled.

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#8. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250, for fitness and weight loss

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250, for fitness and weight loss

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 has a smart and chic black colored frame and arched legs. It has padded cover over the bungee cords giving you more freedom to move on the jumping surface. The JumpSport trampolines are also best rated trampolines on the market.


  • It has special FlexBounce technology for adjusting the firmness of the trampoline.
  • The Endurolast cords are great and give a smooth and cushioned bouncing experience compared to the harsh steel spring ones.
  • The arched legs are very stable.
  • It is very compact to store as well and a lot of different types of exercises can be done with JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250.
  • The free fitness DVD is great to with a wide variety of exercises and tips.
  • The thirty cords that attach the jumping surface to the frame are great and don’t snap easily and even if one does the others will hold the product comfortably without affecting the bouncing experience.
  • It is very easy to assemble and takes just a few minutes.
  • The grips on the legs of the trampoline are great and don’t leave scuff marks on the floor.


  • The safety handle bar is sold separately which would have been a great addition to the original product.

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#9. Stamina InTone Oval Jogger, for fitnesss and weight loss

Stamina InTone Oval Jogger, for fitnesss and weight loss

This is a great rebounder if you love exercising in the privacy of your home. Stamina InTone Oval Jogger lets you bounce, jog and exercise without putting any undue stress on your joints. It is ideal for any age group and great for elderly as well. This trampoline is also considered a fitness trampoline for the money.


  • It has a stabilizing handle bar so you won’t feel nervous or without support. Elderly people can get on it without any tension of bouncing off and injuring themselves.
  • The bar is adjustable as per your preferred height so you can position it easily.
  • You can jog using the bands that come along with the Stamina InTone Oval Jogger if you don’t want to use the handle bar and it will be equally stable and also use them for weight training.
  • It is really easy to assemble and compact to store.
  • The fitness DVD that came along with it has some great exercises and tips to stay fit.
  • The rebounder is not as bouncy as a trampoline so you can jog and exercise without bouncing too high or losing control.


  • The handle bar connection has screws which can be improved with the latch attachments which will make it easier to remove when not required and put back up when required.

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Top 7 things will help you find your best trampoline

There are a number of factors which you need to look into before you purchase a trampoline. Let’s take look at the most important aspects.

  • Shape: Trampolines are available in different types of shapes and each of these has its own significance. While round ones are the more general trampolines as they can be manufactured on a low budget, the rectangular and octagonal ones can be expensive to make and are of a higher quality. This is a reason why round trampolines are used for home purposes whereas those made in other shapes are largely for professional purposes.
  • Length of springs: You must also take a look at the length of the springs while you are looking to buy a trampoline. Trampolines which have longer springs ensure softer bounce and also provide more air time due to higher jumps. On the other hand, short springs provide lesser bounce and tend to overstretch too easily as compared to long springs; you may have to replace them from time to time.
  • Age group: It is extremely important that you buy a trampoline which is suitable for the age group to which your kid belongs. Smaller trampolines are suitable for younger kids, preferably between 3 years to 6 years in age. The slightly larger ones are better for ages 6 years and above.
  • Weight: Another important factor to consider before you buy a trampoline is the weight of your kid. A smaller trampoline should be good enough for one or two lightweight kids. However, for slightly heavier kids you should buy a trampoline which is larger and has greater weight capacity.
  • Available Space: You must also consider the amount of space in your home to keep the trampoline. If you have a large backyard with plenty of space, go for a large sized trampoline on which your kids and their friends can have a lot of fun. If you do not have a backyard and the trampoline needs to be fitted inside the house, you can opt for a mini trampoline or rebounder.
  • Budget: A vital factor when it comes to buying a trampoline is how much you are willing to spend for it. You can find trampolines of different price ranges and depending on your budget you can go for the most suitable one. One thing you must understand is that the cheaper ones may not necessarily be bad quality. You need to carefully asses and figure out the best one.
  • Safety: It is also important for you to consider the safety of your kid before you invest in a trampoline. After all, you don’t want your child to suffer injuries and get hurt while trampoline jumping. You can go for trampolines which have safety enclosures or else you can buy an enclosure separately to attach with the trampoline that you have bought.

Different Types of Trampolines

Trampolines are of several different types depending on various factors, for example you can divide trampolines into: for kids, for toddlers, for adults. We also can divide trampolines into fitness trampoline exercise trampoline, weight loss trampoline, training trampoline, Olympics trampoline. Here we use shape, the most popular factor.

  • Round Trampolines: The most common type of trampolines that you can find is round trampolines. These are ideal to be used indoors or in your backyard and are most suitable for kids. They are much safer than some of the others because of their circular spring setup which ensures that the user keeps getting pushed towards the center of the mat thereby reducing the risk of damage. You can get these in different sizes depending on the age of the user.
  • Rectangular Trampolines: This type of trampolines is mainly used for professional or semi-professional purposes and is comparatively more expensive. They are best suited for those who are already adept at trampoline jumping and have sufficient control. They certainly have a better build quality compared to round ones. This is a good buy if your kids are bigger and have already used trampolines before.
  • Square Trampolines: This category of trampolines provides you the best of both worlds – round and rectangular trampolines. It is as safe as round trampolines and as spacious as a rectangular one. Square trampolines can be particularly useful if you don’t have much space to fit in other types of trampolines.
  • Octagonal Trampolines: Another category of trampolines which is starting to become quite popular is octagonal trampolines. These are quite similar to round ones but have a more efficient build quality and ensure greater safety for kids. You can easily use them in your backyard as they will take only as much space as a round trampoline.
  • Springless Trampolines: This type of trampolines is easily your safest bet against risk of damage to your kids. These trampolines do not make use of metal springs to help the user bounce on it; instead you have flexible fiberglass rods or very strong elastic bands. These are designed to give ultimate protection against injuries while you are jumping on the trampoline.
  • Mini Trampolines or Rebounder: These are for those who do not have adequate space and need to fit a trampoline in their living space. They meant more for working adults so that they can keep fit and use it during workouts; however, kids can easily use them too. The biggest advantage is that they are quite cheap compared to normal sized trampolines.
  • Inflatable Trampolines: Another type of trampoline is inflatable trampolines which are mostly found in amusement parks and fun zones for kids. These are mostly attractive to look at as they come in different shapes and are very colorful. These are quite safe as they are huge structures and are mostly protected from all ends. Buying an inflatable one can be expensive but you can certainly rent one during special occasions for kids.
  • Water Trampolines: Water trampolines can be a fun investment if you have a pool in the house or a water body nearby. Playing on a water trampoline can be an enjoyable family activity during the weekend. You can find such trampolines in entertainment zones, especially places like water parks.
  • Bungee Trampolines: These are generally a more uncommon form of trampolines which is suitable mainly for adventure lovers. It is especially not advisable to be used by kids as there is too much risk involved. Again, these are not freely available for purchase and you may come across them in adventure parks.

What are Benefits of Using Trampolines?

Playing on a trampoline can be extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to kids as it is the growing stage of their life. Below are a few key benefits of trampolining.

  • Jumping on a trampoline is a great exercise and starting off at an early age will increase the fitness level.
  • It has a positive impact on their cardiovascular system and thereby ensures even flow of blood in the body. Also, it ensures the body has more than adequate supply of oxygen.
  • Trampoline jumping is a great recreational activity and one which kids will enjoy the most. It is the most fun form of exercise and you will not have to pressurize your kids to do it.
  • Using a trampoline also helps your kids in developing skills such as balance and control which can prove to be very useful for them in the long run.
  • Playing on trampolines helps in the development of their muscles and bones and also aids them in maintaining the correct body weight.
  • If you are concerned about your kid’s height, this activity can certainly help him or her put on a few inches.
  • The bouncing motion that is a feature of all trampolines helps the body to lose toxins and other harmful substances which may hamper growth of kids.
  • Trampolines allow your kids to become more fast and agile and also helps avoid health problems such as obesity.
  • It also enables the growth of the body cells which prevents your kids from falling easy prey to harmful diseases.

Accessories You Can Buy For Trampolines

If you have already bought a trampoline or are planning to buy one, there are also a number of accessories that you can buy alongside which will go well with it. A few of them are:

  • Bounce Board: A bounce board can enhance the fun of being on a trampoline even more as it allows the user to perform moves like he or she would do on a skateboard, snow board or wakeboard. To add to it, it also does not cause any kind of damage to the trampoline mat as well.
  • Trampoline Ladder: This accessory can be particularly useful when buying a trampoline for kids. The ladder will help kids get on board the trampoline quite easily and prevents them from falling off while trying to climb the trampoline.
  • Trampoline Cover: This is another useful accessory which highl recommend when you bought a trampoline. Purchasing a trampoline is not a small investment and therefore, it is essential to protect it from harm. A cover can be more helpful if you have placed your trampoline outdoors as it will provide protection against weather and other perils.
  • Anchor Kit: High intensity winds are a possibility throughout the year and to prevent your trampoline from flying away, you should invest in an anchor kit. This will keep your trampoline rooted to the ground even when faced with strong winds.

Tips for Setting up a Trampoline

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while setting up a trampoline at your home. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • If you are setting up a trampoline indoors, make sure there is adequate space above and around the place where you are setting it up. For placing it outdoors, ensure it is far from obstructions such as trees and walls and also other hazards like electrical wires and pieces of equipment.
  • Place it in an area where there is more than adequate light.
  • Ensure that only adults involved in setting up the trampoline and children are kept away until it is fully assembled.
  • Always use gloves while assembling the trampoline to help protect your hands from any kind of injuries.
  • After you have set up the trampoline, you must check all ends properly to ensure you have fitted it properly.

Maintenance of Trampolines

It is not a very difficult task to maintain a trampoline but you need to keep a strong vigil on its condition from time to time. If you come across any part which is not right, you must try to replace it immediately. Different parts of the trampoline such as safety pads, trampoline mats, enclosure nets and springs among others are available for purchase separately. You must invest in these before the damaged parts lead to any kind of injury risks for your kids. Also, using accessories such as trampoline covers and anchor kits can be vital to the cause of maintaining your trampoline.


Trampolines are certainly one of the best ways in which you can contribute to the fitness of your kids. It not only helps them in their external growth but also enhances their internal systems and makes them healthy overall. There are many different types of trampolines available and you can pick and choose one for your kid as per your convenience. You must ensure that you consider the important factors before you arrive at a decision regarding the trampoline you want to purchase. Despite all the benefits, trampolines are also capable of causing harm but you can avoid this by exercising some basic caution. Overall, trampolines are a good choice if you want your child’s growth to be enhanced while having some good fun.

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